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Introducing the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula - Your Secret to Picture-Perfect Foundation!

Achieving a flawless makeup base has never been easier thanks to the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula. Designed with precision and perfection in mind, this makeup spatula is your go-to tool for achieving a thin and even application of liquid foundation, giving you a natural and radiant look that's bound to turn heads.

Crafted with care from durable stainless steel, the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula is a beauty essential that's built to last. Say goodbye to uneven foundation application, streaks, and mess. With this spatula in your beauty arsenal, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing your makeup will always look impeccable.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Application: The thin, flat design of the spatula allows for precise control, enabling you to apply your liquid foundation exactly where you want it. No more wasting product or struggling with brushes and sponges.

  2. Smooth and Even Coverage: Achieve a silky-smooth and even coverage effortlessly. The spatula glides over your skin, ensuring every inch of your face is flawlessly covered, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

  3. Hygienic and Easy to Clean: The stainless steel construction is not only durable but also easy to clean and sanitise. Simply wipe it down with your favourite makeup remover or cleanser for a spotless spatula ready for your next application.

  4. Storage Case: For your convenience and hygiene, the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula comes with its own protective case. Keep it clean and safe in your makeup bag or on your vanity.

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula is an essential tool that will revolutionise your makeup routine. Say goodbye to the hassle of messy brushes and sponges and say hello to a flawless foundation finish every time.

Elevate your makeup game with the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula and experience the confidence that comes with a perfectly even and natural-looking base. Add it to your collection today and let your beauty shine through effortlessly.

Size: 1 pc


  1. Dispense: Start by dispensing a small amount of your preferred liquid foundation or BB cream onto the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula. Be mindful not to overload the spatula, as a little goes a long way.

  2. Application: With the foundation-loaded spatula, apply the product onto your face. Begin by dabbing or smearing it in key areas like the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Ensure even distribution for a balanced coverage.

  3. Spread Gently: Using the ABOUT_TONE Makeup Spatula, gently spread the foundation across your skin with light and even strokes. The spatula's precision design allows you to control the application, ensuring a smooth and natural-looking finish.

  4. Blend: To further enhance the seamless appearance of your foundation, gently tap your skin with a makeup sponge. The sponge helps blend the product into your skin for an even and flawless complexion.