​The best peptides to use on your skin

​The best peptides to use on your skin

Posted by Nathalie W. on 17th Mar 2022

What are peptides?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids or smaller versions of proteins. Naturally present in food and the skin, peptides can also be known as polypeptides. With many health benefits, synthetic peptides are also widely used in cosmetics and skincare due to their fantastic skin-boosting properties.

Do peptides provide anti-aging benefits?

Peptides have many anti-aging benefits, helping the skin to remain youthful. When peptides are topically applied to the skin, they send signals to the cells to increase the production of elastin and collagen. This encourages our skin to stay firm and plump, keeping fine lines at bay. As our collagen and elastin levels naturally decrease as we age, implementing peptides within your skincare routine can combat what is naturally lost.

Which peptides are the best ones?

There are hundreds of different types of peptides, however some are particularly beneficial towards supporting your skin. Signal peptides are great to use in skincare as they contain anti-ageing benefits, encouraging different parts of the skin to produce collagen and elastin. Carrier peptides can also be highly beneficial to those concerned with aging as they deliver trace elements to the skin. The copper or magnesium distributed by carrier peptides help to improve the way the skin produces collagen, whilst also providing healing benefits. This differs from the way enzyme-inhibitor peptides act to prevent the body from losing more collagen. Neuro-transmitter peptides are found in medical muscle relaxant injections - reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and visible signs of aging.

What other active ingredients can I combine peptides with?

Peptides are gentle and can be even more effective when combined with other active ingredients in skincare. Combining peptides with other anti-aging ingredients can really maximise your results, boosting the efficacy of your skincare further.

Vitamin C protects the skin’s barrier by preventing damage and skin’s proteins to break down through environmental aggressors. Therefore, Vitamin C and peptides work together fantastically to reinforce our skin’s collagen and elastin.

As peptides are a great ingredient to support and reinforce our skin’s barrier, the skin’s overall health is benefitted. Combining hyaluronic acid with peptides helps maintain this healthy barrier by retaining moisture and stimulating cell regeneration.

Peptides and niacinamide are perfect partners for healthy, glowing skin. Niacinamide helps to lock in moisture, maintaining its hydration levels whilst balancing oil production. Both ingredients are extremely gentle and safe to use together on all skin types.

Retinol and peptides can be used together with careful consideration. As peptides work by targeting the deepest layers of the skin, applying a retinol first would have even more impact, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst bringing instant radiance. You can switch to using more nourishing skincare with peptides in the day and opt for a retinol overnight, which will boost your collagen levels throughout the day and repair your skin whilst you sleep.

Which skin types can benefit from using peptides?

As peptides are extremely gentle, they are suitable for all skin types. They are perfect for aging skin, especially when layered or used alongside other anti-aging ingredients as listed above. Those who suffer from inflammation and would like to reinforce their skin’s barrier to have the healthiest skin possible can also benefit from the power of peptides, which will work as an aging preventive at the same time.

Product recommendations:

The W.Skin Laboratory Stop Aging Peptide Toner is a daily anti-aging essential. Refreshing and balancing the skin’s pH after cleansing, this toner is potent in peptides which keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. The complex blend of 7 different peptides works in harmony to reinforce the skin’s barrier, boosting the skin’s elasticity and firmness. The gentle toner contains the key ingredient of Beautiful Herb-C which contains a blend of four herbs rich in antioxidants to protect the skin and reduce inflammation. Volufiline is derived from a botanical ingredient, working to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness. By implementing this toner into your daily routine, your skin will benefit from a multitude of beneficial peptides in a flash.

The W.Skin Laboratory Stop Aging Peptide Cream is a light-weight, glow-boosting superhero. Packed full of peptides, the blend of 7 different varieties help to improve the skin’s elasticity so you can benefit from bouncy, glowing skin day after day. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced thanks to the patented ingredient of Volufiline, derived from a botanical ingredient to plump up the skin to achieve a dewy radiance. Adenosine combined with niacinamide help to simultaneously brighten, reduce signs of aging and promote an even complexion.

The W.Skin Laboratory Stop Aging Peptide Eye Cream will awaken and revive tired eyes with its power-packed formula full of peptides. The creamy, lightweight cream protects the delicate eye area day after day whilst offering lasting moisturisation for the ultimate feeling of comfort. The key ingredient of Volufiline derived from a botanical ingredient brightens the eye area whilst the peptides reduce tell-tale signs of aging.