Tranexamic acid for melasma and hyperpigmentation?

Tranexamic acid for melasma and hyperpigmentation?

Posted by Nathalie W. on 1st Mar 2022

What is tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid or ‘’TXA’’, is a powerful skin brightening ingredient which can help to control pigmentation, reduce discoloration and help surface acne scarring. Commonly prescribed as a medication to control bleeding, the properties in txa help your blood to clot so it can be beneficial for those with regular nose bleeds or heavy periods. It is synthetically derived from the amino acid lysine, which make up the building blocks of protein found in our skin.

Does tranexamic acid work for fading pigmentation?

Melasma is the appearance of darker patches on the skin, commonly on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. This type of pigmentation is often caused by a hormonal change such as pregnancy, stress or using a birth control pill for example. Melasma differs from pigmentation caused by sun exposure which causes melanin levels to increase, resulting in sun spots appearing on the face. Pigmentation can also occur as a result of acne which has scarred the skin. Hyperpigmentation caused by acne scarring is a result of there being too much melanin as the complexion heals, appearing as dark marks.

Tranexamic acid is a gentle solution which helps to fade pigmentation, sun spots and acne scars by reducing the production of melanin at the skin’s deepest layers. Tranexamic acid can help to inhibit harmful UV rays from entering the skin and also block the hormones which are responsible for pigmentation. Tranexamic acid has powerful yet gentle brightening benefits, reducing the appearance of marks, spots and patches caused by the different types of pigmentation.

What other active ingredients can I combine tranexamic acid with?

As tranexamic acid is a really gentle ingredient, it can pair perfectly with a multitude of ingredients. You may choose to combine it with another skin brightening ingredient such as niacinamide or Vitamin c to get the best brightening benefits from your skincare. Those concerned with aging may opt to combine their tranexamic acid with a retinol to keep signs of aging at bay as it’s a great firming ingredient too.

Which skin types can use tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid is suitable for all skin types and is even safe enough to be used during pregnancy. Those who have skin conditions such as acne and rosacea can also benefit from implementing a tranexamic acid into their skincare routine due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. If you have particularly sensitive skin, it is suggested that you do a patch test before testing a new product containing tranexamic acid.

Product recommendations:

We’ve selected the top products containing tranexamic acid for you to try. Brighten your complexion, promote an even complexion and keep signs of aging at bay with this highly-effective trio.

W.Skin Laboratory A.M (Anti-Melasma) Clearing Toner

This refreshing, skin brightening toner helps to reduce pigmentation, discolouration, acne scarring and dark spots. With a powerful blend of tranexamic acid and niacinamide, the skin looks fresh, bright and clearer day after day. Chemical exfoliants such as AHA’s have also been added to this toner for extra brightening benefits, helping the skin to shed dead skin cells to reveal a smooth, renewed complexion. The blend of 11 natural extracts allows the skincare ingredients to be absorbed and have more efficacy. Anti-aging properties such as adenosine keep the skin looking youthful, whilst sodium hyaluronate helps the complexion to stay hydrated, plump and dewy. By applying this toner both day and night your skin will benefit from the multitude of benefits after 4 weeks. Use the toner alongside the W.Skin Laboratory A.M (Anti-Melasma) Serum and W.Skin Laboratory A.M (Anti-Melasma) Cream to best control signs of pigmentation.

W.Skin Laboratory A.M (Anti-Melasma) Serum

This deeply hydrating, brightening serum contains a gentle blend of 11 natural extracts combined with a cocktail of skin boosting ingredients. Tranexamic acid and niacinamide are the perfect partners which work together to fade pigmentation, reduce sun spots and prevent melasma from forming. After applying this serum for 4 weeks, your skin will look beautifully clear and even with a refined texture to touch. The natural extracts in the serum help to gently exfoliate the skin to allow the beneficial properties such as the brightening ingredients to have even more efficacy so you will be left glowing! For best results, apply this serum after cleansing both morning and night followed by the W.Skin Laboratory A.M (Anti-Melasma) Cream.

W.Skin Laboratory A.M (Anti-Melasma) Cream

This highly beneficial, clinically tested moisturiser helps control the appearance of pigmentation, discolouration and sun spots by targeting the source beneath the skin. With a brightening combination of tranexamic acid, bisabolol and niacinamide, the skin looks visibly more healthy and glowing in as little as 4 week! As these potent ingredients work together to prevent melanin production, the complexion is left with a radiant, even appearance. The lightweight cream is perfect to use both day and night, containing many anti-aging benefits which help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. A powerful blend of 20 plant extracts help the skin to retain moisture and nourish the complexion for lasting comfort.